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3 Challenges Every Divorcing Couple Face

Every divorce case is different. People come to the table with different agendas, different property, and different family configurations. These variables can impact how one’s divorce plays out. That having been said, there are three challenges that many divorcing couple

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Three Approaches to Keeping Divorce Costs Down

Many people are surprised at the cost of getting divorced.  The following are suggestions that will help to keep costs lower. Consider Your Expectations In a divorce, couples divide assets and debts, determine whether alimony is appropriate, determine the appropriate

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Divorce Experts

In this article we discuss the many reasons why an expert may be needed during the process of divorce. Property Expert In many cases, a divorcing couple owns some real property of value. This can include the family home, vacation

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Financial Tips to Consider when Getting Divorced

If you are getting divorced, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of decisions you need to make. Often, during divorce, people make decisions with their heart and not their head. Below are a few money tips to consider

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3 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Often times couples struggle with the decision of whether to get a divorce. There can be compelling arguments both for and against it. However, once the decision is made to divorce, couples often skip over the next important question –

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Family Law Myths

In family law, there are an abundance of myths and falsehoods that make the rounds periodically. In this post, we seek to debunk some of the more popular myths. Myth: Divorce Lawyers are Unnecessary if You Have a Prenup Prenuptial

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Back to School: Preparing Your Children for a Successful School Year

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher About the Divorce Teachers identify divorce as one of the top five major life changes that can be a barrier to a child’s learning. If you have recently separated or divorced, let your child’s teacher

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Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

When you decide to get a divorce, choosing the right divorce attorney may feel overwhelming. Below are some tools to assist you in finding a divorce attorney that will meet your needs. Interview Attorneys Trust is one of the main

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General Guidelines While a Divorce is Pending

If your divorce is pending, there are a few guidelines that you should follow. This is for your protection. Some of these are absolute requirements, and others are simply suggestions, however, it is a good idea to follow these simple

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Child Support and Remarriage

It is not uncommon for someone with a child support obligation to remarry. Nor is it uncommon for a person marrying someone who has a child support obligation to wonder the impact of the obligation. Here we seek to answer

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